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R.I.P. Men’s Fashion!

London kickoff men’s fashion with horrible view. Read more from Eric Wilson.

1960s inspired silhouettes showcasing Hilary Rhoda, the latest model selected for Paule Ka’s spring 2013 campaign.

Power Dressing for Women 2013

"women no longer need to wear powerful-looking clothes in order to earn respect from their peers, but fashion is still a confidence-booster" - Giorgio Armani.

The Accessories:


The Power Bag — A structured bag in a dark color shows that you are organized. Avoid: Any slouchy bag or massively over-sized tote shows a lack of discipline and organization. 


A pair of polished, well-maintained shoes is associated with someone who takes pride in themselves and knows how to look after things. Avoid: Open-toe shoes, stripper-inspired platforms or anything scruffy.

The Dresses:


A must-have for any powerful woman’s wardrobe - the knee-length, semi-form-fitting sheath dress. Why: The clean lines speak to your strategic thinking. Go for single colour. Avoid: Any hemline more than 2 inches above your knees.


White shows the simplicity, organization and efficiency. White gives a fresh start. Go with plain white blouses combined with pale-earth-colour minimalistic bottoms. Avoid: Anything see-through that allows your colleagues to see a glimpse of your bra, or any button-down shirt that’s too tight across the bust and risks exposing you mid-meeting!


"When in doubt, wear red" - Bill Blass. The statement couldn’t be more right. Red is the colour vibrating power and confidence. Go for Red suits, jackets and shoes. Avoid: Avoid pale shades of Red and specially colour yellow.


Square shoulders - a symbol of power and authority. The new power jacket features a far more narrow, longer and leaner silhouette. Instead of a boxy shape, opt for a blazer that falls in a more relaxed way along the body. And skip the buttons in favor of a minimalistic look. Wear it over a dress or with pants and a shirt. Avoid: Cardigans!

Sources: Armani / www.sheknows.com