"I keep telling myself it's a science conference, not a fashion show".

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Ashish N Soni’s Microbiology class at India Fashion Week


The collection had a mixture of a flat view screen print as well as an array of digital prints which have been developed by taking a closer look at cell biology featuring the actual microscope slides of the harmless flora, which are presented alongside red blood cells, multi vitamins, vitamin c and glucose in an photographic setting. The microscopic slides appear as brightly coloured pieces of stained glass, or tiny abstract paintings.

Microbiology and Fashion: “Cytology - The Micro Lab”

Once a science student, now a fashion designer Ashish N Soni goes back to his roots to find the inspiration in his latest collection for “Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Summer/Spring 2013”. His collection ‘Cytology - The Micro Lab’, brings out the appearance of human blood system in structured and commanding designs on articles of clothing. Various prints have been developed studying the structure and appearance of cells in the body and the patterns and marks that they create. The collection features outlines that are strong, powerful, reduced, sophisticated, yet severe. 

"Moving out of the safety zone of season hues can be quite a challenge for any designer. For it to be recognised as ‘relevant’ fashion, I worked on the construction of microbiology on silhouettes in a way that every garment is not only easy-to-wear but also easy to carry at any event or occasion," says Ashish

The colour scheme switches from saffron, buttery-ivory, indigo, deep grey to hues of red so as to indicate the red blood cells. The classic black too blends well with some of the prints in addition to the shades of toffee, taupe and cappuccino. Gentle flaring trench coats worn over A-line skirts, one buttoned jackets (to highlight body curve) teamed with tapered pants and accessorised with belts give a very feminine touch to otherwise executive-boardroom attire. Pear-shaped circular linen tops worn with slate grey 2-D blood cell printed skirt, box-pleated yoke shirt tunic, draped neck halter dress, single buttoned taffeta jacket and fitted pants in a multiple canvas blood vessel and clot print are some of the prominent garments that made way to the runway. In a bid to please the Indian dressing preference, Ashish N Soni incorporated the cytology prints onto salwaar-trouser hybrid in a controlled version for those who have the right shape to carry them and exude an elegant charm. Viscose and cotton cambric’s along with silk georgette, poly-rayons, nylon taffeta are chosen fabrics the designer of the evening developed and shaped his anachronistic experiment on. 

For Ashish, fashion exceeds the constraints of the body and ends up dressing the heart and the head.

source: fdci.org / Times of India